Sunday Morning





We're making it easy like Sunday Morning to gift the perfect gift. Who wouldn't want to receive the perfect breakfast box? Buckwheat Pancake Mix, Charred Oak and Maple Syrup, tea...there's a little something for everyone. 

  • Buckwheat Pancake Mix from American Spoon
  • Fruit & Berry Oolong Tea from Tea with Tae
  • Charred Oak & Maple Syrup from Yes Cocktail Company
  • Small Honey Dipper
  • Agave + Citron Candle from Tule Fog Candle Company
  • Raw Tupelo Honey from Capital Bee Company
  • Turkish Tea Towel

Each item is securely snuggled in our ivory crinkle paper, packaged in our large signature keepsake box. Finished with navy satin ribbon tied in a bow. Each gift comes with a customized handwritten note. Please add your message at checkout. This gift ships within 1-3 business days. 

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