Welcome Home





Say "Hello" to the Welcome Home! Perfect for a holiday hostess, a new homeowner, the newlyweds, or that special client, its a gift anyone would love! Only available for a short time.

  • Cypress Black Sea Salt Flakes from Artisan Salt Company
  • Pettigrain Basil candle from Illume
  • Genuine Leather Keyring, custom stamped with the word "Welcome Home," from Twin Sparrow
  • Mini Walnut Charcuterie board from Fort Wayne Industrial Revolution
  • Brass Finish Antique Key Bottle Opener from Twine
  • Small Airplant
  • Luxurious Turkish Hand Towel 

Each item is securely snuggled in our kraft crinkle paper, wrapped in the luxurious Turkish towel and nestled into our specialty wooden keepsake box with sliding lid. Finished with black satin ribbon tied in a bow. Each gift comes with a customized handwritten note. Please add your message below. This gift ships within 1-3 business days.



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