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Client Gifts For PNC Bank: A Case Study


PNC Bank, a large financial institution with operations throughout the United States, contracted with Linden Square to curate client gifts as a way to thank their valued clients for their business and reinforce their commitment to continuing their professional relationship. The goal of the project was to create on-brand gifts that matched PNC's brand colors and included several branded elements including personalized notecards for each of their bankers. With Linden Square's highly customizable branding options, attention to detail and efficient fulfillment and shipping process, we created a seamless and impactful gifting experience for PNC.

Collaboration and Customization: Aligning the Gifting Experience with PNC's Brand Guidelines

Linden Square began the project by working closely with PNC to understand their brand guidelines and preferences. The team at Linden Square then curated a selection of gift options that matched PNC's brand colors and included the desired branded elements. These options were presented to PNC for review and feedback, and the final selection was made based on PNC's preferences. 

One of the options chosen was Partners Coffee Roasters out of Brooklyn New York. The blue and orange packaging on their Flatiron blend was a perfect combination for PNC's signature colors. We reached out to ensure we could get an adequate supply of freshly roasted coffee and they delivered! (Side note: if you ever have opportunity to try their Flatiron blend, don't pass it up. It smells heavenly and tasted amazing. It's definitely a new addition to our favorite things list!) 

Linden Square Corporate Gift with Branded PNC Bank Band, Branded tumbler, branded notecards, and on-brand coffee from Partners.


Once the gifts were selected, Linden Square began the process of personalizing the gifts for each of PNC's bankers. This included obtaining brand assets including logo, brand colors and banker signatures from PNC and creating a signed card for each banker, making the gift truly unique and personalized. In addition, we worked closely with our local printer to create a one-of-a-kind branded gift band made from embossed card stock and digitally printed with the PNC logo. 

A Special Touch

Earlier in the year, our founder, Amanda Klingenberger, was invited to apply for a membership grant to Coralus through PNC's 257 Initiative. Coralus is a global nonprofit organization practicing radical generosity through an interest-free revolving loan fund and a community of entrepreneurs sharing resources and expertise. Her application was accepted and she became a Coralus Activator. In recognition of this, and to let their clients know about this important mission, PNC requested that an additional notecard be included. It was to be jointly branded between both PNC and Coralus, and detailed the purpose behind the initiative and the accomplishment of being chosen. It read:

"Did you know it will take 257 years to close the economic gender gap?
This year, PNC chose Amanda Klingenberger, founder of Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Linden Square, as one of the 100 participants in the new PNC Bank + Coralus Collective. The Collective offers entrepreneurs like Klingenberger a variety of benefits, including unfettered access to Coralus, a global nonprofit organization practicing radical generosity through an interest-free revolving loan fund and a community of women and nonbinary individuals sharing resources and expertise. PNC’s partnership with Coralus is part of Project 257®, a PNC initiative to accelerate women’s financial equality and help close the economic gender gap."

We're Full-Service

When PNC came to us for a custom gifting experience, we were ready for the challenge. PNC was connected with a dedicated account manager who would be alongside them throughout the entire process - from the first gift proposal to the very last shipment - in order to ensure their gifting experience was everything they imagined and more. In addition to personalized customer service, our team offers innovative technological solutions, custom branded packaging, and a stellar shipping and fulfillment center, so we take care of all the gifting logistics.


We were thrilled to help PNC make their vision come to life! PNC's clients were thrilled with the gifts, and the personalization added a touch of warmth and thoughtfulness that made the gesture even more impactful. The gifts were sent just after the New Year, ensuring PNC stood out from the crowded holiday gifting season and making a lasting impression on their clients. Overall, the project was a great success for PNC as it not only helped to strengthen their relationships with clients, but also helped PNC to be memorable and appreciated by clients for a long time.

To read more about PNC's 257 Initiative, click here. To learn more about Coralus, click here. To try your own cup of Partners Flatiron blend, head here.

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