International Gift Concierge

International Gift Concierge

It's a Small World After All...

Our world is getting smaller by the minute, and truth told, it's not a bad thing.

With the advent of social media, more and more small businesses and entrepreneurs have moved onto the international stage. It's not unusual for a business coach in Seattle, Washington to have students in Hamburg, Germany or for a copywriter in London to have clients in Vancouver, British Columbia. The same goes for large corporations. While headquarters may be here in the US, many have offices around the world.

So what happens when one of these individuals or organizations wants to send a thank you gift to their student, employee or client?

Enter Linden Square. In the past, if someone wanted to send a gift from the US to Germany, they had to find the right gift, protect it well and ship it off, paying exorbitant shipping fees. Then, when it arrived to its destination, the recipient was often charged customs fees for a gift they didn't even know was coming! That's no fun- and certainly not what the giver intended- to be sure! 

With Linden Square's International Concierge Service, we'll leverage our vast network of gift companies from around the world to help you send the perfect gift without all the hassle. 

Here's how it works:

1. You contact us to let us know where you need to send a gift. Whether it's London, England or to Aukland, New Zealand we can handle it.

2. We'll help you choose the type of gift you'd like to send based on occasion, brand aesthetic and budget.

3. We'll handle all the details with one of our partner gift companies from around the world, choosing from their available inventories. (All USA bound gifts will be fulfilled by Linden Square from our selection of in-stock inventory.)

4. You'll receive an invoice for the gift, shipping charges, taxes and a small per gift service fee via Linden Square.

5. We'll provide tracking information, as soon as it's available.

6. You relax, knowing your recipients are receiving hand selected, beautifully inspired gifts without the hassle and stress of time zones, foreign transaction fees, duties or restricted items.

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