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Corporate Gifting: Your Brand's Secret Weapon

Think for a moment about how you felt when you received a gift from a friend. You were probably tickled that they took the time to hand-pick something for you, even if it didn’t quite the mark. Corporate gifting, though not the same as getting something from someone in your social circle, can still engender those warm and fuzzy feelings. 

Let's look closer at corporate gifting, explain why it works and how to make the investment.

What is Corporate Gifting?

As you might expect, corporate gifting means sending a physical or non-physical gift to a prospect, client, or employee in hopes of fostering a positive connection between the gift recipient and the company or brand.

Examples of physical corporate gifts include company-branded snacks, coffees, teas, candles and other personal touches. Examples of non-physical corporate gifts are experiences, perks, or digital gift cards. Whatever the type, corporate gift giving is a fantastic way to bring joy to prospects, clients and employees alike.


Why It Works

As mentioned above, corporate gift giving is a great way to build your brand, promote brand recognition and inspire loyalty. The very act of opening the gift initiates the release of feel-good chemicals in our brain. These chemical messengers are responsible for how we feel about ourselves and the gift giver. If done right and the recipient likes the gift, it can facilitate bonding and a deeper emotional commitment. You’ve probably heard that it’s the thought that counts, and that’s certainly true in this context.

In other words, gift giving is less about the item and more about the feelings you create as a result. It can entice new customers or partners to want to join forces, help warm up that new sales lead, keep your brand top of mind among current customers or inspire employee loyalty. Corporate gifts can pack a mean punch in helping your brand stand out in an increasingly noisy world. 


How to Gift

Are you new to corporate gifting? Don’t sweat it — it’s a fairly easy yet effective way to make your mark on the intended audience. The first step is finding the right partner. That’s where we come into the picture. Linden Square is a full-service, specialty gift company located in the heart of the Midwest. We create beautifully inspired, custom curated gifts for corporate clients, marketing and event pros and all of life's special occasions. 

We can help you curate custom gifts that leave a lasting impression. Call us at 1-260-587-5572 or connect via email at

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